HC Deb 17 January 1913 vol 46 cc2523-4

I desire to call attention to the fact that in the printed list of Members who took part in the two Divisions on the Home Rule Bill last night my name was omitted on both occasions.

As a matter of fact, I was the first Member on each occasion to pass the tellers in the "No" Lobby, and I should like to ask you, Mr. Deputy-Speaker, what steps you think should be taken to correct the false impression that may naturally be created?


I imagine the names will not tally with the numbers announced, if the names are one less than the number. If that be the case, I have no doubt if the hon. Baronet goes to the office he will be able to get his name inserted in the printed list.


It makes no difference to the actual majority, but it makes a difference to me.


As far as the House is concerned we go by the numbers announced by the Tellers. Evidently an error has been made, and if the hon. Baronet goes to the office it will be put right.


May I draw your attention, Mr. Deputy-Speaker, to the fact that the numbers do not agree with the names either in the "Aye" Lobby or the "No" Lobby?


We go in the House by the announcement of the Tellers. If there is a mistake of that kind, the Tellers can come to the Table and make a correction.

Adjourned accordingly at Seven minutes after Five o'clock, till Monday next, 20th January, pursuant to the Order of the House of the 14th October, 1912.