HC Deb 15 January 1913 vol 46 c2069

asked whether the right hon. Gentleman is aware that, on the basis of the Astor Report estimate of one tuberculous patient in every 5,000 insured persons, provision will have to be made in the county of Gloucester for sixty-six sanatorium beds, sixty-six hospital beds, and nine dispensaries; that the county insurance committee, out of the fund available to them under the National Insurance Act estimated at 8d. for each of 103,000 insured persons, will only have a sum of £3,433 per annum, or sufficient to provide eighteen sanatorium beds, no hospital accommodation, and nine dispensaries; and if he will say how they can make provision for the whole of their tuberculous cases without throwing a burden upon the county ratepayers which, even allowing for a moiety being forthcoming from the Exchequer, will amount to at least as much as their statutory Grant for this purpose?


I do not understand how the hon. Member has arrived at his estimate of a need for sixty-six sanatorium beds and sixty-six hospital beds in the county of Gloucester for insured persons. Taking 103,000 as the number of insured persons, twenty-one sanatorium beds and twenty-one hospital beds would be required for them on the basis of the Astor Report. Assuming the average cost of maintenance to be 27s. 6d. per bed per week, the annual cost would be £3,003, leaving more than £400 for dispensary treatment, in addition to the sum of about £429 3s. 4d. available in respect of the outstanding penny.


Does the right hon. Gentleman realise that there is not nearly enough money available to provide the necessary accommodation?


If non-insured persons are included there is a special fund which can be created for their treatment towards which the Treasury offers half.