HC Deb 13 January 1913 vol 46 cc1776-8

His Majesty may by Orders in Council (in this Act referred to as Irish Transfer Orders) make such regulations as seem necessary or proper for setting in motion the Irish Parliament and Government, and also for any other matter for which it seems to His Majesty necessary or proper to make provision for the purpose of bringing this Act into full operation or for giving full effect to any provisions of this Act or to any future transfer under or by-virtue of this Act of a reserved service; and in particular His Majesty may by any such Order in Council—

  1. (a) make such adaptations of any enactments so far as they relate to Ireland as may appear to him necessary or proper in order to give effect to the provisions of this Act, and also make any adaptations of any enactments so far as they relate to England or Scotland, as may appear to him necessary or proper as a consequence of any change effected by the provisions of this Act; and
  2. (b) make such adaptation of any enactments as appear to him necessary or proper with respect to the execution of the reserved services, and in particular provide for the exercise or performance of any powers or duties in connection with those services by any Department of the Government of the United Kingdom or officer of that Government where any such powers or duties are, under any existing Act, to be exercised or performed by any Department in Ireland which will cease to exist as a 1777 Department of the Government of the United Kingdom; and
  3. (c) make regulations with respect to the relations of the Irish and British Post Offices, and in particular may provide for an apportionment of the capital liabilities of the Post Office between the Irish Exchequer and the Exchequer of the United Kingdom, for the execution of postal services by the one Post Office at the request of and on behalf of the other, and for the terms and conditions under which the services are to be so executed, for facilities being given in connection with any such postal services at the request of one Post Office by the other, for requiring the sanction of the British Post Office for the grant of any licence by the Irish Post Office for wireless telegraphy stations for internal communications in Ireland, and for the reservation of power to His Majesty by Order in Council to transfer in time of war or national emergency the powers or duties of the Irish Post Office to the British Post Office, or to the naval or military authorities of the United Kingdom; and
  4. (d) on any transfer under this Act of the public services in connection with the administration of the Old Age Pensions Acts, 1908 and 1911, make provision for securing the payment of an old age pension to any person who is entitled to the payment of such a pension at the time of the transfer, while he continues so entitled; and
  5. (e) on the transfer under this Act of public services in connection with Post Office Savings Banks, or Trustee Savings Banks, make provisions for giving a depositor in any transferred Post Office Savings Bank the right to repayment of any sums due to him in respect of his deposits at the time of the transfer, and for giving the trustees of any Trustee Savings Bank in Ireland the right to close their bank and to require repayment of all sums due to them from the National Debt Commissioners, and for securing to the holder of any annuity or policy of insurance granted before the date of the transfer by a Post Office or Trustee Savings Bank the payment 1778 of the annuity or of any sums due under the policy; and
  6. (f) make provision with respect to the transfer and apportionment of any property, rights, and liabilities in connection with Irish services; and
  7. (g) provide, in cases where the same Act deals with reserved matters and with other matters, for specifying the matters dealt with by the Act which are to be treated in accordance with this Act as reserved matters.

Government Amendment made: In paragraph (f), after the word "services" ["in connection with Irish services"], insert the words—

"and for the proper reductions being made in the payment of the Transferred Sum for the first year in which it is paid in respect of any part of that year during which any Irish service is not executed by the Irish Government."—[Mr. Birrell.]