HC Deb 09 January 1913 vol 46 cc1353-4

asked the Chief Secretary whether the professors and the full-time staff of the training college, Marlborough Street, Dublin, appointed since the year 1890, are included within the classes provided for by Clauses 33 to 36, and the Third Schedule of the Government of Ireland Bill; whether he will indicate under what words in the Bill those officers are secured full compensation on change of conditions of service or on retirement within the transitional period or dismissal from or abolition of office; and whether, if there is any doubt upon the subject, he will put down Amendments to the Bill to make good their position?


The answer to the first paragraph is in the affirmative. The officers referred to come within the provisions of Clause 33 (3), and the Third Schedule of the Bill. I have no doubt upon the subject, and an Amendment to the Bill is not necessary.


Will the right hon. Gentleman guarantee that these persons are within the scope of the Bill?


I do not know whether the hon. Gentleman means a personal guarantee in writing. I can only say that I am informed, and that I do believe, that they are perfectly secured under the Bill.

Captain CRAIG

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that his guarantee does not stand for much in Ireland?


asked the Chief Secretary whether all payments of salaries and expenses of maintenance of the training college, Marlborough Street, Dublin, are made out of the college fund which is paid by the Treasury; whether, owing to the expenditure since 1890 in building and other improvements at the college, there is not sufficient money now available to provide pensions for the professor and full-time staff appointed since 1890; whether he has considered the position of such professors and staff in relation to the changes in Irish government if the Government of Ireland Bill passes into law, with a view to making adequate provision for carrying out the pension scheme; and, if so, what provision has he made for that purpose and for safeguarding the payment of pensions to such professors and staff under the Government of Ireland Bill?


The answer to the first part of the question is in the affirmative. As to the second and third parts of the question, I understand that the Commissioners of National Education have made a scheme for the superannuation of the full-time staff, and I have no doubt that if the funds at their disposal admit they will be ready to revise the present scheme with a view to improving the terms of superannuation; but, whatever those terms may be at the time of the passing of the Government of Ireland Bill, their continuance will be safeguarded by Subsections (1) and (5) of Clause 33 of the Bill.