HC Deb 09 January 1913 vol 46 cc1375-6

asked what is the position of a domestic servant under the National Health Insurance Act, who after having been an insured person for some years marries an alien employed in this country, and would she forfeit all future benefits for which she had paid for years?


A domestic servant, in the circumstances stated, would not forfeit all future benefits under the National Insurance Act. If she continued to be employed after marriage she would continue to be insured as an employed contributor and would be entitled to an employed contributor's benefits, though at rates somewhat lower than those applicable to the case of a British subject. If she did not continue to be employed she could either, if she was a member of an approved society, become a special voluntary contributor paying 3d. a week and becoming entitled to medical benefit, and to sickness and disablement benefits at special reduced rates, or she could cease to pay any contributions, in which case she would, whether she were a member of an approved society or a deposit contributor, be entitled to receive certain special benefits until the amount available for the purpose under the Act was exhausted. In any case a sum is reserved to help her to return into insurance, if she becomes employed again after her husband's death, when she is again treated as a British subject for the purposes of the National Insurance Act.