HC Deb 08 January 1913 vol 46 cc1164-5
10. Mr. FELL

asked if the contribution of India to the Navy for the maintenance of His Majesty's ships in Indian waters is now fixed at the round sum of £100,000 per annum; and, if so, what relation does this sum bear to the cost of the construction and upkeep of the Navy at the present time?


The Government of India contribute a fixed sum of £100,000 annually for the maintenance of certain ships in Indian waters. The amount of this contribution is under consideration. A repayment is also received from Indian revenues for the services of ships temporarily employed in the suppression of the arms traffic in the Persian Gulf. The repayments for the latter service were £108,500 for 1911–12, and are estimated at £64,000 for 1912–13. As regards the latter part of the question, the contribution of £100,000 represents 221 per cent. of the net total of the Navy Estimates for 1912–13 (including the Supplementary Estimate), and 30–712 per cent. of the cost to the Admiralty of the East Indies Squadron.


Is not the proportion now considerably less than it was ten years ago, therefore the contribution is proportionately less compared with the total vote for the Navy in the last ten years?


I do not think I can go into that without proper notice. These things are considered from time to time, and, of course, we shall be very glad to receive money from any source.


Before any addition is made to the charge, will the people of India be consulted as would be the people of Canada or Australia?


I think that question should be addressed to the representative of the India Office.

Sir J. D. REES

Is not the account as regards India far more than balanced by her enormous contribution to the Army?


It is far from my wish to debate these general matters.