HC Deb 07 January 1913 vol 46 c984
26 and 27. Mr. COURTHOPE

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer (1) at what offices health insurance stamps of the values of 7s. 7d. and 6s. 6d., respectively, can be obtained; and at what offices these stamps are now kept in stock; and (2) whether the forms of application for supplies of insurance stamps of 7s. 7d. and 6s. 6d., respectively, are now obtainable at all post offices at which these stamps are not kept in stock?


Stamps of the denominations mentioned will be on sale at all head and branch post offices in the first week of the quarter commencing on the 15th instant. At all other post offices they will be obtained on two or three days' notice being given. The forms of application for these stamps will be kept in stock at head and branch post offices, and will be forwarded to sub-post offices with any supply of stamps requisitioned by them.


Will not the right hon. Gentleman be able to carry out his promise, made last September, that the forms of application for these stamps should be available at all post offices?


I will inquire and see if that is not possible.

70. Mr. FRED HALL (Dulwich)

asked the Postmaster-General if, with a view to meeting the convenience of employers in some degree, he will arrange for the issue of books of insurance stamps?


I am giving special consideration to this suggestion, and should be glad to receive evidence of any public demand for the sale of stamps, in this form.