HC Deb 02 January 1913 vol 46 c522
51. Mr. J. P. FARRELL

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he is aware that, on her last voyage from Australia, the "Narrung," which so narrowly escaped destruction last week, during one of the storms in the Indian Ocean fell over to an angle of 54 degrees, and was for a time in such danger that the officers were on the point of directing the boats to be lowered to save the passengers and crew; whether she is sister ship to the "Waratah," which it is believed capsized off the African coast owing to top-heaviness and bad building; and, in the circumstances, whether his Department proposes to allow such a vessel to be continued on the list of passenger boats on so long a voyage?


I am informed by the owners and master of the "Narrung" that there is no foundation for the statement made in the first part of the question. The master states that he regards the vessel as a splendid sea boat. The "Narrung" is not a sister ship to the "Waratah." The vessel was surveyed last month and the passenger certificate was then renewed. As soon as the damage done to the vessel has been made good to the satisfaction of the Board's surveyors, there will be no reason, so far as the Board of Trade are concerned, why the vessel should not continue to carry passengers to Australia.


If I send to the hon. Gentleman the confidential documents sent to me will he, while treating them as confidential, make further inquiries as to the matters mentioned in the first part of the question?


Yes, any documents the hon. Member may forward will be considered.