HC Deb 10 February 1913 vol 48 c492
91. Mr. F. HALL

asked if the sentence of imprisonment of the persons who attempted to burn down the children's rooms at Nuneham Park were remitted or relaxed in any way?


One woman only was convicted, and her offence was being found by night on the premises of Nuneham Park with housebreaking implements in her possession. She refused to take food after her conviction and food was administered by force; but the process, in view of the prisoner's state of health, involved some danger, and I found it necessary to remit the sentence and release her after she had served only ten days of it.


Is the House to understand that those women are able to lengthen or shorten their sentences by simply abstaining from food?


Not entirely on that. It depends on the prisoner's state of health. If she is in such a state of health that she can be forcibly fed without danger she is forcibly fed.