HC Deb 06 February 1913 vol 48 cc20-1

asked the Chief Secretary whether his attention has been directed to an incident which took place on the 16th January last at the house of Mr. Peter MacFadden, Dublin Street, Monaghan; whether the person who broke into the house and took possession of it, barring the doors and terrorising the only occupants, women and children, was subsequently apprehended by the police and taken into custody; if so, when and by whose authority was he discharged; if he was not convicted, under what circumstances he was taken away by a police officer; and whether it is intended to bring any proceedings against him?


The hon. Member has sent me a newspaper report of the occurrence referred to in the question, but it appears on inquiry that the account of the matter is greatly exaggerated. Mrs. MacFadden has made a statement to the police, from which it appears that on the evening in question a strange man entered her house, the door being open. He did not bar the door or say or do anything to frighten her or her children. She called the constable on duty, and the man went quietly with him to the police barrack. It was then found that he was a constable from another part of the county who was proceeding on leave owing to the serious illness of his father. He was not arrested or detained, as he had committed no offence, but certain disciplinary charges are pending against him, and will be investigated by the county inspector on his return to duty.