HC Deb 04 February 1913 vol 47 c1966

asked whether on the arrival of the 15th Hussars at Longmoor on their return from the Cape, it was found that sufficient accommodation had not been provided for the married people; whether he is aware that some of the families were sent on to Bordon Camp, where it was found that quarters could only be provided for them by turning out the families of soldiers who had married off the strength; and if he can state whether any attempt has been made to provide accommodation for the families that were displaced?

Colonel SEELY

Soldiers married off the strength are not entitled to quarters, and are only granted them as an indulgence when they are not required for the accommodation of married soldiers, who are entitled to them.


Were these people turned out at very short notice on a very wet day?

Colonel SEELY

I hope that was not the case, but I will inquire. I know some inconvenience was caused, and must be caused, when troops are brought home, and, as in this case, there is not too much accommodation owing to the increase of the garrisons in this country.


Will the right hon. Gentleman find out if any notice was given to these families that they would be turned out?

Colonel SEELY

I will certainly inquire.