HC Deb 04 February 1913 vol 47 c1984

asked whether any and, if any, how many farm institutes have so far been established, and in what counties; and to what extent the Board has experienced difficulty in establishing such institutes in consequence of the conditions imposed by the Development Commissioners to the effect that 25 per cent, of the capital outlay and 50 per cent, of the cost of maintenance must be borne by the local authorities, and that Grants from the Development Fund must be restricted to entirely new educational work?


The Board have under consideration detailed proposals for the establishment of farm institutes in Carnarvon, Hampshire, and Herefordshire, and there have been preliminary discussions with many other counties. The Regulations under which Grants from the Development Fund will be payable have not yet been approved in every particular by the Treasury, and the local authorities have therefore not yet had an opportunity of considering them in their final form.