HC Deb 14 August 1913 vol 56 cc2796-8

"Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act the following provisions shall have effect unless otherwise agreed between the mayor aldermen and councillors of the Metropolitan borough of Holborn (in this Section called r the Council') and the Postmaster-General:—

  1. (1) The Postmaster-General shall before entering upon opening breaking up or interfering with the surface of the triangular footway or space lying at the northern end of and abutting 2797 on Shaftesbury Avenue near to the junction thereof with New Oxford Street give to the council twenty-one days' previous notice in writing of his intention so to do accompanied by plans sections and particulars of any borings or shafts to be carried out thereon:
  2. (2) The Postmaster-General shall not in the construction of the railway take use enter upon or in any way alter or interfere with either temporarily or permanently any greater part of the surface of the said space and streets adjacent thereto than that shown and coloured pink on the plan (in this Section called the agreed plan) which for the purpose of identification has been signed by William Slingo on behalf of the Postmaster-General and Edward F. Spurrell on behalf of the Council:
  3. (3) The Postmaster-General shall in sinking any shaft boring or other work on any part of the said surface interfere as little as may be with the trees on the said surface:
  4. (4) The said surface shall be properly and suitably enclosed by a proper and sufficient hoarding at least nine feet in height and the hoarding erected for the purpose shall be erected and maintained to the reasonable satisfaction of the borough surveyor of the council and shall not be used for advertising purposes and such hoarding shall he removed as soon as the works for which it was erected have been completed:
  5. (5) No part of the said land so enclosed shall be used for the purposes of making or repairing any pipes machines tools or other apparatus goods or articles or otherwise as a workshop and no steam crane or other engine worked by steam power shall be used within or upon the said land nor shall there be any permanent structure apparatus or machinery thereon:
  6. (6) The Postmaster-General shall at his own expense and to the reasonable satisfaction of the Council fill in and make good the surface of the ground of the said enclosed land (including the planting of any trees and the replacing of any gas column and other apparatus and seats which may have been removed) and shall for a period of two years from the making good the surface of the ground make good any subsidence or other damage to the open space public ways and pavements (including the replacing of any trees which may have died) caused by or in consequence of the execution of the works by this Act authorised in or under the said enclosed land:
  7. 2798
  8. (7) The Postmaster-General shall before erecting the said hoarding provide and fix and during such time as he shall occupy the said enclosed land maintain by the said hoarding gas lamps capable of affording in the aggregate a light equal to 1800 candle power:
  9. (8) The Postmaster-General shall keep the Council indemnified against all actions claims and demands whatsoever brought or made against the Council by any person by or in consequence of the construction of any works to which this Section applies:
  10. (9) Any difference which may arise between the Council and the Postmaster-General under the provisions of this Section shall be referred to and determined by an engineer to be appointed by the President of the Institution of Civil Engineers and the provisions of the Arbitration Act, 1889, and any rules made thereunder shall apply in every such arbitration."

8.0 P.m.


What I have just stated in regard to former Amendments is equally applicable to some of the Sub-sections contained in this Clause, and I would suggest that the House should take the same course with this.