HC Deb 07 August 1913 vol 56 c1754

asked the Secretary to the Treasury whether, seeing that the amount due to the Norwich Friendly Societies' Medical Institute for medical treatment, sanatoria, drugs, etc.,. for the quarter ended 11th April, 1913, was. £673 18s. 3d., and for the quarter ended 12th July, 1913, £692 6s. 6d., making in all £1,369 4s. 9d., and the only payments the institute has received were 2nd May, £370, and 9th July, £300, making in all £670, he will impress upon the Norwich Health. Insurance Committee the necessity for the immediate discharge of the balance due to the institute and for greater promptitude of payments in the future in order that the institute may properly perform its responsibilities to the medical men and others attached to the institute, which has upwards of 6,000 insured persons dependent upon it?


I do not know how my hon. Friend has calculated the amounts. which he refers to as due to the institution. Any payments made at the present time to approved institutions must be in the nature of advance payments only, and the amount of such advances must depend upon the expenditure actually incurred in the provision of medical attendance and treatment for insured persons. I understand that the insurance committee are prepared to make a further advance on receiving the necessary evidence of such expenditure.