HC Deb 06 August 1913 vol 56 c1637

"(1) Sub-section (3) of Section 45 of the principal Act shall be amended so as to read as follows:—

An insured woman who, having been a British subject before marriage, has ceased to be a British subject by reason of marriage with a person not being a British subject, shall not be subject to the provisions of this Section:

(2) Where the wife of an alien insured person was before marriage a British subject the maternity benefit payable in respect of his insurance shall, subject to regulations to be made by the Insurance Commissioners, be increased by two-sevenths, and the amount of such increase shall be paid out of moneys provided by Parliament."


I beg to move, in Sub-section (2), after the word "person" ["alien insured person"], to insert the words "subject to the provisions of Section 45 of the principal Act."

This is consequential on an alteration made in Committee. The Clause seeks to remove a disability by furnishing, under Sub-section (2), an additional two-sevenths State aid towards maternity benefit, but in the case of certain areas that is not necessary, because if they are under seventeen or have been for five years since 4th May, 1911, insured they will already have got full benefit.

Amendment agreed to.