HC Deb 30 April 1913 vol 52 cc1172-3

asked how many small friendly societies, registered and unregistered, existed in Great Britain two years ago; how many of these have become approved under the National Insurance Act; and how many are known to have been wound up during the same period?


The number of registered friendly societies of all sizes in England and Wales on the 31st December, 1910, was 6,130; no information is available as to the number of unregistered societies. Of these, 1,318 registered friendly societies and 700 unregistered have been approved under the National Insurance Act, and 955 registered friendly societies have been dissolved, and the registry of seventy-four has been cancelled since the above date. During the same period 309 new societies have been registered. If the hon. Member desires, I will obtain information as to Scotland. Societies have not been classified in the records as large or small.


asked in how many and which counties or groups of counties associations of small societies have been formed under Section 39 of the National Insurance Act; and in how many more is the formation of such associations contemplated before the end of the current year?


Section 39 relates to associations of small societies for the special purpose of partly pooling any surpluses or deficiencies disclosed by a valuation, and associations formed solely for that purpose would not normally be yet arranged. A number of associations, with functions mainly advisory in character, have been formed to assist small societies in their work under the Act. In England the information in the possession of the Insurance Commissioners shows that such associations have been formed or are in the course of formation in eleven counties or groups of counties. In Wales also eleven associations of small societies have been formed under Section 22 of the Friendly Societies Act. Many of these associations will doubtless be used for the purpose of Section 39 when the time arrives. In Scotland and Ireland (where, of course, the circumstances are very different from those in England and Wales) no associations, so far as the Commissioners are aware, are yet being formed.