HC Deb 29 April 1913 vol 52 cc990-1
41. Mr. COOPER

asked if the right hon. Gentleman will furnish a Return showing, for each insurance committee in England, the number of insured persons suffering from tuberculosis who have applied for treatment and the number who have received treatment, distinguishing between those who have received treatment in sanatoria, in other institutions, and in their homes?


A Return giving the information desired was presented on 12th February last, and a further Return will be furnished in the course of a few weeks.

51. Mr. TOUCHE

asked if the right hon. Gentleman is aware of the case of Mr. M. J. Ennis, of 1, Upper Tollington Park, London, North, who became a deposit contributor under the National Insurance Act in January last, and has been informed by Dr. R. Francis Burt that he is suffering from consumption of the lungs; that on 21st January, 1913, Dr. Burt notified the case to the medical officer of health for Hornsey as one of tuberculosis; that Ennis applied to the Middlesex Insurance Committee for sanatorium benefit and has been informed that he is not entitled to it, but has been unable to obtain any reply to repeated letters which he has written to the committee asking why it has not been granted; will he explain why there is so much difficulty in this case and other cases in securing sanatorium treatment; and, having regard to the fact that Ennis is a married man with a family resident in the same house, and thus exposed to the risk of infection, will he submit the applicant's case in the proper quarter for further consideration?


Mr. Ennis, as stated in the question, is a deposit contributor who did not enter into insurance until January last. If the hon. Member will refer to Section 42 of the National Insurance Act he will see that in these circumstances a deposit contributor is not entitled to sanatorium benefit. Mr. Ennis was informed to this effect on the 14th March.