HC Deb 29 April 1913 vol 52 c1005

asked the Chief Secretary whether, in the case of Mrs. Margaret Kerin, of Knockeenahone girls' school, whose appointment as junior assistant mistress was made by the manager of the school, it was within the power of the Commissioners of National Education to sanction her appointment as full assistant when the school attendance warranted it; did they actually so sanction her appointment by an order made on 26th November, 1912; is he aware that this order was properly and competently made and that Mrs. Kerin has been discharging her duties as assistant mistress under it since 1st October last; whether she has been guilty of any neglect of duty or breach of the rules or regulations of the Commissioners which would disqualify her as a teacher or justify the manager in dispensing with her services; whether the manager, Monsignor O'Leary, has assigned or can assign any reason personal to her for refusing to sign her salary claim for the quarter ended 31st December, 1912, which was duly presented to him; and whether the Board intend to exercise their powers under their Rules 49 (a), 46 (a), 56, and 86 (a)?


The Commissioners of National Education are not at present in a position to make any statement in reply to this question. They are awaiting a communication from their senior inspector with regard to the case.