HC Deb 22 April 1913 vol 52 cc260-1

Another tax upon which I should like to make one or two observations is the Income Tax, including the Super-tax. Certain questions were put to me last week which seemed rather to indicate a suspicion in the minds of some hon. Members that we had held back the Income Tax at the end of the year. I will give the hon. Member the figures. Last year these two taxes altogether realised £706,000 in excess of the Estimate. The Super-tax realised £100,000 more than the Estimate. This is due partly to the mode of collection. So much for these three or four taxes to which I thought the Committee would like to have special attention called. I should like also to say something about the way in which the new taxes yielded last year—I mean the taxes of 1909. I see they are hailed already as a barren failure. They have produced nothing! They have not met the liabilities which they were intended to dispose of!