HC Deb 17 April 1913 vol 51 c2122

asked the Home Secretary the date upon which the Glamorgan County Council first memorialised him asking that their first aid certificates should be recognised by him for the purposes of the requirements of the Mines Act; and what are the reasons which have led to the delay in coming to a decision, particularly as these certificates are recognised by the Board of Trade and the War Office?


The Glamorgan County Council applied in April last year that the certificates which they were proposing to issue might be recognised for the purposes of the Rescue Order. It was explained to them that this would require an amendment of the Order, and they were asked to submit details of their scheme for consideration, but these were not received till the end of November. It has been necessary to examine carefully the whole question of the recognition of the certificates of bodies other than the principal ambulance associations, and this question is not yet ready for decision; but, in the meantime, the Board for Mining Examinations have decided, with a view to preventing any hardship, that a candidate for a certificate of competency who is desirous of sitting at the examination next month but has not yet obtained the first aid certificate required, shall be allowed four months after the examination in which to obtain it.