HC Deb 17 April 1913 vol 51 cc2092-3

asked whether the permanent officials in the Court of Probate, Dublin, have recently been questioned with reference to their knowledge of crime in Dublin Castle; whether Mr. Craig Davidson and Mr. Norris Goddard have been questioned; whether since the commencement of a certain criminal trial now proceeding in London one of these Dublin officials has been given indefinite leave of absence; on what plea this has been given; and whether before his departure the Director of Public Prosecutions here was put in possession of the information at that person's disposal and now has his present address?


Although I have nothing whatever to say to the Probate Court, and have no control over its officials, I have referred this question to the Chief Registrar, who informs me that no official of the Court has been questioned as to crime in Dublin Castle. The Probate Court has no connection with the Castle, and is nowhere near it. Mr. Goddard informed me, in connection with a previous question, that he has not now and never had in his custody, possession, or procurement, any evidence relating to crime committed in Dublin Castle. Neither he nor any of the officials of the Probate Court have been given indefinite leave of absence. I am not aware of any reason for addressing any questions to Mr. Craig Davidson, who is wholly unconnected with and has never been in the public service.


Can the right hon. Gentleman account for the fact that one of the permanent officials has been absent now for a considerable time and has recently been in Berlin?


No, Sir; I know nothing about his movements or the capital he has visited.