HC Deb 15 April 1913 vol 51 c1801
32. Mr. LUNDON

asked what percentage of the funds available for distribution under the National Insurance Act has been paid out in sickness and maternity benefits in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, respectively; and will the percentage for each month up to 1st April in each country be given separately?


The information asked for in the question could not be obtained without calling for a special return from about 23,500 societies and 233 insurance committees, through which the benefits referred to are administered; and in view of the fact that these benefits have only been in operation three months, and of the heavy initial work falling upon societies and committees in their administration, I think it would be premature to require them to furnish such a return.


May I ask whether, with a view to dealing with this problem, they are considering the question of the reinsurance of the maternity benefit?


I should require notice of the question.