HC Deb 15 April 1913 vol 51 c1809
38. Captain FABER

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty what are the latest regulations governing the admission of male and female visitors to the Royal dockyards and arsenals; are foreigners of all or any nationalities excluded; are cameras permitted or the use of them prohibited; and are the latest definite rules invariably complied with?

The CIVIL LORD of the ADMIRALTY (Mr. Lambert)

All British subjects are permitted to view His Majesty's dockyards on making application to the police at the gates. Visitors are usually conducted round the dockyards by a police constable, but in special cases, where not so escorted and subject to his discretion, a pass ticket is given by the inspector of police which has to be produced by the visitor on being challenged by any member of the police force on duty in the yard. This pass does not admit to workshops or to any place where confidential matters are dealt with. Foreigners, of all nationalities, are not allowed to enter the yards without the sanction of the Admiralty, and when such sanction is given they must be accompanied by specially authorised officials. Visitors are only allowed to take cameras into the dockyards with Admiralty permission. There is no reason to suppose that the Admiralty regulations are not fully complied with by the superintendents of the dockyards, with the loyal support of the officers of the Metropolitan police.