HC Deb 11 April 1913 vol 51 cc1509-10

Coventry Corporation Bill,

Read the third time, and passed.

Dundee Corporation (Improvements and Tramways) Bill,

As amended, considered; Amendments made; Bill to be read the third time.

Harrow and Stanmore Gas Bill,

As amended, to be considered upon Monday next.

Crowborough District Gas and Electricity Bill (by Order),

As amended, considered; to be read the third time.

Titchfield District Gas Bill (by Order),

Consideration, as amended, deferred till Friday next.

City of London (Celluloid Regulations) Bill (by Order),

London County Council (General Powers) Bill (by Order),

Second Reading deferred till Friday next.

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Bill (by Order),

Second Reading deferred till Thursday next, at a quarter-past eight of the clock.

Local Government Provisional Order (No. 2) Bill,

Local Government Provisional Orders (No. 3) Bill,

Read the third time, and passed.

Local Government Provisional Orders (No. 4) Bill,

"To confirm certain Provisional Orders of the Local Government Board relating to Blackpool, Briton Ferry, Cleckheaton, Preston, and Workington." Presented by Mr. HERBERT LEWIS; supported by Mr. Burns; read the first time; to be referred to the Examiners of Petitions for Private Bills, and to be printed.

London County Council (Tramways, Trolley Vehicles, and Improvements) Bill,

"To empower the London County Council to construct and work tramways; to construct a subway; to make street improvements and other works; to provide and use trolley vehicles; and for other purposes." Presented, and read the first time; and ordered to be read a second time.

Dublin Corporation (Superannuation) Bill,

Second Reading deferred from Monday next till Monday 21st April.

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