HC Deb 08 April 1913 vol 51 c974

asked the amount of the indemnity claimed by Russia from Turkey in 1878 and by Turkey from Greece at the conclusion of the war of 1897; and whether it would be in accordance with precedent that the Balkan Allies should refrain from demanding an indemnity from Turkey at the conclusion of the present war?


The total indemnity stipulated in Article IV. of the Treaty of 8th February, 1879, between Russia and Turkey was 802,500,000 francs. The indemnity stipulated in Article II. of the Preliminaries of Peace between Turkey and Greece, signed on September, 1897, was £T4,000,000. In regard to the question of precedent, I would remind the hon. Member that no indemnity was paid at the conclusion of the Russo-Japanese war, or of the war between Italy and Turkey, and in both the cases he has cited the whole or a great part of the territory occupied during the war was restored by the victor or not annexed by him, so that the search for a precedent that is likely to apply to the present case will probably not be very fruitful.

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