HC Deb 03 April 1913 vol 51 c568
108 Major M'CALMONT

asked the Secretary of State for War (1) the amount of increase in regimental pay that a captain (of not less than twelve years' service) will receive on promotion to major under the proposed new Regulations for officers' pay; (2) whether the effect of the proposed new Regulations for increasing the pay of officers will be that a number of officers will receive a lower rate of regimental pay for a portion of their first three years' service than they would receive under present Regulations; and (3) the number of lieutenants of the Regular Army who are in receipt of the extra 1s. per diem granted after seven years' service in that rank; and whether any similar provision for officers whose promotion to captain has been unusually delayed will be included in the proposed new Regulations?

Colonel SEELY

In reply to this and to questions 109 and 110, I am not yet in a position to add anything to the statement which I made on the introduction of Army Estimates.