HC Deb 28 October 1912 vol 43 cc195-201

All marriages (both or one of the parties thereto being subjects or a subject of this realm) solemnised before the passing of this Act in the Empire of Japan, which would have been valid if solemnised immediately before the said sixteenth of July eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, shall be and shall be deemed always to have been as valid in law as if they had been solemnised within His Majesty's dominions with the due observance of all forms required by law:

Provided that this Act shall not render valid any marriage which before the pass- ing of this Act has been declared invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, or affect any right dependent on the validity or invalidity thereof, or render valid any marriage either of the parties to which has subsequently during the life of the other lawfully intermarried with any other person.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the Clause stand part of the Bill."


I beg to move, "That the Chairman do report Progress, and ask leave to sit again." I know that the Noble Lord the Member for Maidstone (Viscount Castlereagh) is anxious to bring on a Motion to discuss a very extraordinary speech by a Cabinet Minister. Still, with reference to this Bill, I desire to ask leave to move that you report Progress and ask leave to sit again. I do it for this reason: The House has already by its Vote determined that thirty-seven lines of another Bill is not to be discussed at all. The view which I wish to put before the Committee is this: that if we are not in a position to discuss at this time of the evening an important measure like the Home Rule Bill, the House cannot be in a position to discuss the Marriages Solemnised in the Empire of Japan Bill.


I would point out that the right hon. Gentleman is not in order in discussing in Committee the action of the House. I understand that the proceedings to which the right hon. Gentleman is referring are governed by a Resolution of the House, and it is a well-known rule that in Committee we are not permitted to discuss the action of the House.


I think you misunderstand, Sir. I am not challenging in the least what either the House or the Committee has done. To that we have submitted, and of course the House has pronounced a vote upon it. My point is that if the House does accept most cordially and loyally what the House has done, if the House has thought that it was

sufficient to stop proceedings on the Government of Ireland Bill, leaving thirty-seven lines of a Clause absolutely undiscussed, then the House and the Committee have done quite enough work, according to their own declaration, for to-day. Having passed without discussion thirty-seven lines, including one whole Clause, which we never got to at all, I submit to the Committee that those are not the conditions under which we ought to approach the question of the Solemnisation of Marriages in the Empire of Japan. If the House is in a position to discuss these matters, surely we might have relegated to us a little more time for the discussion of matters under the Government of Ireland Bill. I therefore, as regards this Bill, upon the grounds I have stated, beg to move that the Chairman report Progress.

Question put, "That the Chairman do report Progress, and ask leave to sit again."

The Committee divided: Ayes, 154; Noes, 240.

Division No. 279.] AYES. [11.10 p.m.
Agg-Gardner, James Tynte Craig, Captain James (Down, E.) Knight, Captain E. A.
Amery, L. C. M. S. Craig, Norman (Kent, Thanet) Larmor, Sir J.
Archer-Shee, Major M. Craik, Sir Henry Law, Rt. Hon. A. Bonar (Bootle)
Ashley, Wilfrid W. Crichton-Stuart, Lord Ninian Lewisham, Viscount
Baird, J. L. Croft, H. P. Locker-Lampson, G. (Salisbury)
Baker, Sir Randolf L. (Dorset, N.) Dixon, C. H. Locker-Lampson, O. (Ramsey)
Balcarres, Lord Eyres-Monsell, B. M. LockWood, Rt. Hon. Lt.-Col. A. R.
Baldwin, Stanley Falle, B. G. Long, Rt. Hon. Walter
Balfour Rt. Hon. A. J. (City, Lond.) Fell, Arthur Lonsdale, Sir John Brownlee
Banbury, Sir Frederick George Fetherstonhaugh, Godfrey Lyttelton, Rt. Hon. A. (S. Geo. Han. S.)
Banner, John S. Harmood- Fleming, Valentine Lyttelton, Hon. J. C. (Droitwich)
Baring, Maj. Hon. Guy V. (Winchester) Forster, Henry William Macaw, William J MacGeagh
Barlow, Montague (Salford, South) Foster, Philip Staveley Mackinder, H. J.
Barrie, H. T. Gardner, Ernest M'Mordie, Robert James
Bathurst, Hon. A. B. (Glouc, E.) Gastrell, Major W. H. M'Neill, Ronald (Kent, St. Augustine's)
Bathurst, Charles (Wilts, Wilton) Gilmour, Captain John Malcolm, Ian
Beach, Hon. Michael Hugh Hicks Glazebrook, Captain Philip K. Mills, Hon. Charles Thomas
Benn, Arthur Shirley (Plymouth) Gordon, John (Londonderry, South) Moore, William
Benn, Ion Hamilton (Greenwich) Goulding, Edward Alfred Morrison-Bell, Capt. E. F. (Ashburton)
Beresford, Lord C. Grant, J. A. Morrison-Bell, Major A. C. (Honiton)
Bigland, Alfred Gretton, John Neville, Reginald J. N.
Boscawen, Sir Arthur S. T. Griffith- Guinness, Hon. W.E. (Bury S.Edmunds) Nield, Herbert
Boyle, W. Lewis (Norfolk, Mid) Gwynne, R. S. (Sussex, Eastbourne) O'Neill, Hon. A. E. B. (Antrim, Mid)
Boyton, James Hall, D B. (Isle of Wight) Paget, Almeric Hugh
Brassey, H. Leonard Campbell Hamersley, Alfred St. George Parker, Sir Gilbert (Gravesend)
Burdett-Coutts, William Hamilton, Lord C. J. (Kensington) Peel, Captain R. F. (Woodbridge)
Butcher, John George Hamilton, Marquess of (Londonderry) Perkins, Walter F.
Campbell, Rt. Hon. J. (Dublin Univ.) Harrison-Broadley, H. B. Peto, Basil Edward
Campion, W. R. Henderson, Major H. (Berks, Abingdon) Pole-Carew, Sir R.
Carlile, Sir Edward Hildred Herbert, Hon. A. (Somerset, S.) Pollock, Ernest Murray
Carson, Rt. Hon. Sir Edward H. Hewins, William Albert Samuel Pretyman, Ernest George
Castlereagh, Viscount Hill, Sir Clement L. Pryce-Jones, Col. E.
Cator, John Hohler, Gerald Fitzroy Quilter, Sir William Eley C.
Cave, George Hope, James (Fitzalan, Sheffield) Rees, Sir J. D.
Cecil, Evelyn (Aston Manor) Hope, Major J. A. (Midlothian) Remnant, James Farquharson
Cecil, Lord R. (Herts, Hitchin) Horne, W. E. (Surrey, Guildford) Rolleston, Sir John
Chaloner, Col. R. G. W. Hunter, Sir C. R. Royds, Edmund
Chambers, J. Ingleby, Holcombe Rutherford, John (Lancs., Darwen)
Chaplin, Rt. Hon. Henry Jardine, Ernest (Somerset, East) Rutherford, Watson (L'pool, W. Derby)
Coates, Major Sir Edward Feetham Jessel, Captain H. M. Sanders, Robert A.
Courthope, G. Loyd Kerr-Smiley, Peter Kerr Sanderson, Lancelpt
Craig, Charles Curtis (Antrim, S.) Kerry, Earl of Smith, Rt. Hon. F. E. (L'p'l, Walton)
Craig, Ernest (Cheshire, Crewe) Keswick, Henry Smith, Harold (Warrington)
Stanier, Beville Thomson, W. Mitchell-(Down, North) Wolmer, Viscount
Stanley, Hon. G. F. (Preston) Thynne, Lord Alexander Worthington-Evans, L.
Starkey, John R. Touche, George Alexander Wortley, Rt. Hon. C. B. Stuart-
Staveley-Hill, Henry Tullibardine, Marquess of Yate, Col. C. E.
Steel-Maitland, A. D. Walrond, Hon. Lionel Younger, Sir George
Stewart, Gershom Warde, Colonel C. E. (Kent, Mid)
Sykes, Alan John (Ches., Knutsford) Wheler, Granville C. H.
Sykes, Mark (Hull, Central) White, Major G. D. (Lancs., Southport) TELLERS FOR THE AYES.—Sir
Talbot, Lord E. Williams, Col. R. (Dorset, W.) F. Flannery and Mr. Hills.
Thompson, Robert (Belfast, N.) Winterton, Earl
Abraham, William (Dublin, Harbour) Fitzgibbon John Manfield, Harry
Acland, Francis Dyke Flavin, Michael Joseph Marshall, Arthur Harold
Adamson, William France, G. A. Martin, J.
Addison, Dr. Christopher George, Rt. Hon. D. Lloyd Masterman, Rt. Hon. C. F. G.
Ainsworth, John Stirling Gilt, Alfred Henry Meagher, Michael
Allen, Arthur A. (Dumbarton) Gladstone, W. G. C. Meehan, Francis E. (Leitrim, N.)
Allen, Rt. Hon. Charles P. (Stroud) Goddard, Sir Daniel Ford Millar, James Duncan
Baker, H. T. (Accrington) Greenwood, Granville G. (Peterborough) Molloy, M.
Balfour, Sir Robert (Lanark) Greig, Colonel J. W. Mond, Sir Alfred M.
Barran, Sir J. (Hawick Burghs) Gwynn, Stephen Lucius (Galway) Money, L. G. Chiozza
Beauchamp, Sir Edward Hackett, J. Mooney, John J.
Beck, Arthur Cecil Hall, F. (Yorks, Normanton) Morison, Hector
Benn, W. W. (Tower Hamlets, S. Geo.) Harcourt, Rt. Hon. H. L. (Rossendale) Muldoon, John
Bentham, G. J. Harcourt, Robert V. (Montrose) Munro-Ferguson, Rt. Hon. R. C.
Bethell, Sir John Henry Harmsworth, Cecil (Luton, Beds) Murray, Captain Hon. Arthur C.
Birrell, Rt. Hon. Augustine Harvey, A. G. C. (Rochdale) Nannetti, Joseph P.
Black, Arthur W. Harvey, T. E. (Leeds, W.) Neilson, Francis
Boland, John Plus Harvey, W. E. (Derbyshire, N.E.) Nicholson, Sir Charles N. (Doncaster)
Booth, Frederick Handel Haslam, James (Derbyshire) Nolan, Joseph
Bowerman, C. W. Haslam, Lewis (Monmouth) Norman, Sir Henry
Boyle, D. (Mayo, N.) Havelock-Alan, Sir Henry Nuttall, Harry
Brace, William Hayden, John Patrick O'Brien, Patrick (Kilkenny)
Brady, P. J. Hayward, Evan O'Connor, John (Kildare, N.)
Brocklehurst, W. B. Hazleton, Richard O'Connor, T. P. (Liverpool)
Brunner, J. F. L. Helme, Sir Norval Watson O'Doherty, Philip
Bryce, J. Annan Hemmerde, Edward George O'Dowd, John
Burke, E. Haviland- Henry, Sir Charles Ogden, Fred
Byles, Sir William Pollard Herbert, Col. Sir Ivor (Mon., S) O'Grady, James
Carr-Gomm, H. W. Higham, John Sharp O'Kelly, Edward P. (Wicklow, W.)
Cawley, Harold T. (Lancs., Heywood) Hinds, John O'Kelly, James (Roscommon, N.)
Chancellor, H. G. Holt, Richard Durning O'Malley, William
Chapple, Dr. William Allen Howard, Hon. Geoffrey O'Neill, Dr. Charles (Armagh, S.)
Churchill, Rt. Hon. Winston S. Hudson, Walter O'Shaughnessy, P. J.
Clancy, John Joseph Hughes, Spencer Leigh O'Shee, James John
Clough, William Isaacs, Rt. Hon. Sir Rufus Palmer, Godfrey Mark
Collins, G. P. (Greenock) John, Edward Thomas Parker, James (Halifax)
Condon, Thomas Joseph Jones, Edgar R. (Merthyr Tydvil) Pearce, Robert (Staffs, Leek)
Cornwall, Sir Edwin A. Jones, Henry Haydn (Merioneth) Philipps, Col. Ivor (Southampton)
Cotton, William Francis Jones, J. Towyn (Carmarthen, East) Phillips, John (Longford, S.)
Craig, Herbert J. (Tynemouth) Jones, Leif Stratten (Rushcliffe) Pointer, Joseph
Crawshay-Williams, Eliot Jones, William (Carnarvonshire) Pollard, Sir George H.
Crean, Eugene Jones, W. S. Glyn- (T. H'mts, Stepney) Power, Patrick Joseph
Crooks, William Jowett, Frederick William Priestley, Sir Arthur (Grantham)
Crumley, Patrick Joyce, Michael Pringle, William M. R.
Cullinan, J. Keating, Matthew Radford, George Heynes
Davies, Ellis William (Eifion) Kelly, Edward Rea, Rt. Hon. Russell (South Shields)
Davies, Timothy (Lincs., Louth) Kennedy, Vincent Paul Rea, Walter Russell (Scarborough)
Davies, Sir W. Howell (Bristol, S.) Kilbride, Denis Reddy, Michael
Dawes, James Arthur King, J. Redmond, John E. (Waterford)
Delany, William Lamb, Ernest Henry Redmond, William (Clare, E.)
Denman, Hon. R. D. Lambert, Rt. Hon. G. (Devon.s.Molton) [...] Redmond, William Archer (Tyrone, E.)
Dickinson, W. H. Lambert, Richard (Wilts, Cricklade) Richards, Thomas
Donelan, Captain A. Lardner, James Carrige Rushe Richardson, Thomas (Whitehaven)
Doris, W. Law, Hugh A. (Donegal, West) Roberts, Charles H. (Lincoln)
Duffy, William J. Lawson, Sir W. (Cumb'rid, Cockerm'th) Robertson, John M. (Tyneside)
Duncan, C. (Barrow-in-Furness) Levy, Sir Maurice Roch, Walter F. (Pembroke)
Duncan, J. Hastings (Yorks, Otley) Lewis, John Herbert Roe, Sir Thomas
Edwards, Clement (Glamorgan, E.) Low, Sir Frederick (Norwich) Rose, Sir Charles Day
Edwards, John Hugh (Glamorgan, Mid) Lundon, Thomas Rowlands, James
Esmonde, Dr. John (Tipperary, N.) Lyell, Charles Henry Rowntree, Arnold
Esmonde, Sir Thomas (Wexford, N.) Lynch, A. A. Runciman, Rt. Hon. Walter
Essex, Richard Walter Macdonald, J. R. (Leicester) Russell, Rt. Hon. Thomas W.
Esslemont, George Birnie Macdonald, J. M. (Falkirk Burghs) Samuel, Rt. Hon. H. L. (Cleveland)
Falconer, James McGhee, Richard Samuel, J. (Stockton-on-Tees)
Farrell, James Patrick Macnamara, Rt. Hon. Dr. T. J. Samuel, Sir Stuart M. (Whitechapel)
Fenwick, Rt. Hon. Charles MacNeill, J. G. Swift (Donegal, South) Scanlan, Thomas
Ferens, Rt. Hon. Thomas Robinson MacVeagh, Jeremiah Scott, A. MacCallum (Bridgeton)
Ffrench, Peter M'Callum, Sir John M. Shortt, Edward
Field, William McKenna, Rt. Hon. Reginald Simon, Sir John Allsebrook
Fiennes, Hon. Eustace Edward M'Laren, Hon. F.W.S. (Lincs.,Spalding) Smith, Albert (Lancs., Clitheroe)
Smith, H. B. L. (Northampton) Walters, Sir John Tudor Whyte, A. F. (Perth)
Strauss, Edward A. (Southwark, West) Walton, Sir Joseph Williams, Penry (Middlesbrough)
Sutherland, J. E. Ward, W. Dudley (Southampton) Wilson, Rt. Hon. J. W. (Worcs, N.)
Sutton, John E. Waring, Walter Wilson, W. T. (Westhoughton)
Taylor, John W. (Durham) Warner, Sir Thomas Courtenay Winfrey, Richard
Taylor, Theodore C. (Radcliffe) Wason, Rt. Hon. E. (Clackmannan) Wood, Rt. Hon. T. McKinnon (Glas.)
Tennant, Harold John Watt, Henry A. Young, W. (Perthshire, E.)
Toulmin, Sir George Webb, H.
Trevelyan, Charles Philips White, J. Dundas (Glasgow, Tradeston) TELLERS FOR THE NOES.—Mr.
Verney, Sir Harry White, Patrick (Meath, North) Illingworth and Mr. Gulland.
Wadsworth, J. Whitehouse, John Howard

Question put, and agreed to.