HC Deb 24 October 1912 vol 42 cc2375-6
63 Mr. HOGGE

asked (63) the number of insurance, stamps sold in Scotland for the quarter ending 12th October; (64) whether the Secretary to the Treasury can state how many complaints have been received in Scotland with regard to cases of non-stamping, and how these have been dealt with; (65) whether, as the result of inspection, he can state the amount of evasion of the National Insurance Act in Scotland?


The Scottish Commissioners have received 134 complaints as to health insurance cards not being stamped. A number of these cases have been already disposed of, and the others are being dealt with by the inspecting staff and by correspondence. Systematic investigation by inspectors has revealed very few cases of deliberate and persistent evasion. In the first quarter 16,534,380 health insurance stamps were sold, in addition to those for about 93,000 persons for whom arrangements were made through the Labour Exchanges and by quarterly payments.