HC Deb 23 October 1912 vol 42 cc2161-2

asked whether His Majesty's Ship "Prometheus" was detached from the Australian station for service on the China station during the revolution in October or November, 1911; how long was this ship in dock in Sydney before making this voyage; how long did the voyage to Hong Kong occupy; and did this vessel proceed under steam the whole distance, or was she towed during any part of the voyage?


The "Prometheus" was ordered to China in November, 1911. Before making her voyage she had been in dock at Sydney from 5th April to 18th April, 1911. She left Sydney on the 15th November, 1911, and arrived at Hong Kong on 1st March, 1912. She broke down on the voyage and was towed from Amboina to Hong Kong, but she was also under her own steam for the whole time she was in tow.

4. Major ARCHER - SHEE

asked whether His Majesty's ship "Prome-theus," on arrival at Hong Kong from the Australian station, was placed in dock for repair; if so, how long was the ship in dock; and what money was spent on her repair?


No, Sir. The ship arrived at Hong Kong on 1st March, 1912. She was placed in dock on 16th April, and remained in dock until 29th May. The-expenditure amounted to £6,323.


Can the hon. Gentleman tell the House what speed: the "Prometheus" could proceed at?


No I really could not tell that.


I beg to give notice I will at the earliest possible moment raise the question of the unsea-worthy condition in which these ships were allowed to proceed to sea.