HC Deb 14 October 1912 vol 42 cc787-8

asked whether the right hon. Gentleman's attention has been called to the presence at or near Enniskillen on the occasion of a political gathering addressed by the senior Member for Dublin University on 18th September of a body of men described as an escort of two squadrons of mounted men, constituting a bodyguard around the recognised chief of the Ulster Unionist forces; whether he has noticed that on the right and left of the carriage conveying the right hon. Gentleman rode two persons described as in command of the escort and second in command respectively, while detachments rode before and behind, and two men carrying real lances, with the Inniskilling Dragoons' pennon, formed the advance guard; whether this formation is identical with what is known as a travelling escort specially prescribed for the use of the reigning sovereign; whether the King's Regulations permit of the use of such escort by persons other than His Majesty within His Majesty's Dominions; and, if not, whether the Regulations will now be altered?


Before the right hon. Gentleman replies, may I ask the right hon. Gentleman whether he is aware that the loyal people of Ulster have no honour they can show to my right hon. Friend which would over-express the confidence, esteem, and personal affection they feel for him?

Colonel SEELY

I think the reply I have to give from official sources will in no way be found in conflict with the view put forward by the hon. Gentleman. My attention had not previously been called to this matter. The formation referred to would appear to be similar to that of a field officer's escort provided for reigning sovereigns, princes of the Royal blood or presidents of republics, but as the body formed no part of the recognised forces of the Crown, the latter part of the question does not arise.