HC Deb 27 November 1912 vol 44 cc1241-2
2. Mr. FELL

asked if the £203,000contributed by India towards the cost of the squadron of ships maintained in the Indian seas by the Government represents the anything towards the interest on the cost of the ships and the cost of their yearly depreciation?


His Majesty's East Indies Squadron includes two ships specially detailed in connection with the suppression of the arms traffic in the Persian Gulf. The cost of maintaining the whole squadron, allowing a charge for depreciation, is approximately £393,000, towards which amount the repayment from the Government of India is estimated at £167,500 for the year 1912–13. A balance of about £225,000 thus remains chargeable to Navy Votes for special, apart from general, Naval services rendered to India. The amount of £208,000 referred to by the hon. Member relates to the repayment for the year 1911–12.


Is this sum contributed by India to be considered an equivalent to the annual contribution made by various parts of the Empire towards the general upkeep of the Navy?


I do not look at it in that way. I look on it in the light of payment for services rendered.

Sir J. D. REES

Is India's contribution towards the Army not so large as to more than counterbalance—


The First Lord of the Admiralty cannot answer for the Army.