HC Deb 18 November 1912 vol 44 cc1-2

Petitions were presented praying the House not to pass into Law the Established Church (Wales) Bill by—

Mr. Worthington-Evans, (40 petitions) 7 from the Borough of Colchester, bearing 1,340 signatures, and 33 from the Romford Division of Essex, bearing 23,974 signatures.

Mr. Newdegate, (24 Petitions) from the North Division of Warwickshire, containing 6,794 signatures.

Mr. Astor, (47 petitions) from the North-Western (Barnstaple) Division of Devonshire, containing 12,485 signatures.

Mr. Gershom Stewart (petitions containing 9,298 signatures) from the Wirral Division of the County of Chester.

Mr. Tobin, (7 petitions) from Eccles Division of Lancashire, containing 9,544 signatures.

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