HC Deb 13 November 1912 vol 43 c1978

asked whether any change is contemplated in the conditions of enlistment into the Royal Irish Constabulary during the six years interregnum; and whether it will be made a condition of transference that only men of character and intelligence will be chosen for service as heretofore?


The answer to both parts of the question is in the negative.

45. Major GASTRELL

asked whether any provisions will be made in the Government of Ireland Bill to enable the Royal Irish Constabulary to retain the word "Royal" in their description, and to ensure the continuance in their uniforms of a crown on their buttons and caps?


No such provision is necessary.

46. Major GASTRELL

asked whether, when the Royal Irish Constabulary passes under the control of the Irish Executive, members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and of the United Irish League will be eligible for enlistment?


There is no reason to suppose that the Irish Parliament would impose any statutory disqualification which does not at present exist.