HC Deb 12 November 1912 vol 43 cc1817-8

With your permission, Sir, and the indulgence of the House, may I draw attention to the fact that in the OFFICIAL REPORT of yesterday's proceedings my name appears amongst the "Ayes," whereas in the Blue Paper it does not appear at all? In the OFFICIAL REPORT the number total is 228, in the Blue. Paper 227, a majority of twenty-one. The reason I draw attention to the matter is that it is causing me considerable inconvenience. I have already been asked in the Lobby for several interviews as to my reasons for voting against the Government, and I have had a number of telegrams from Scotland asking why I did so. As a matter of fact, I was in the House until four o'clock, and was only temporarily absent for fifteen minutes. Therefore I did not vote at all. As the OFFICIAL REPORT will be handed down to future generations, is it possible for my name to be erased?


The official list of those who vote is to be found in the Votes and Proceedings. The list which appears in the OFFICIAL REPORT of Debates is not an official record of Divisions. Therefore, the hon. Member's name will not be handed down in the way described.