HC Deb 11 November 1912 vol 43 c1702

Petitions were presented praying the House not to pass into Law the Established Church (Wales) Bill by—

Mr. Touche (29 petitions) from the Borough of Islington and adjoining districts, bearing 6,305 signatures.

Mr. Butcher (24 petitions) from the City of York, bearing 5,592 signatures; (10 petitions) from Halifax, bearing 1,516 signatures; (35 petitions) from Doncaster, bearing 14,725 signatures.

Mr. Kebty-Fletcher (19 petitions) from the Altrincham Division of Cheshire, bearing 8,542 signatures.

Mr. John Rutherford (22 petitions) from the Darwen Division of Lancashire, bearing 5,325 signatures; (10 petitions) from the Accrington Division of Lancashire bearing 4,322 signatures; (14 petitions) from the Blackburn Division of Lancashire, bearing 5,114 signatures.

Colonel Yate (53 petitions) from the Melton Division of Leicester, bearing 6,904 signatures; (25 petitions) from the Loughboro' Division of Leicester, bearing 9,502 signatures; (14 petitions) from the Borough of Leicester, bearing 3,666 signatures; (44 petitions) from the Harborough Division of Leicester, bearing 5,493 signatures; and (29 petitions) from the Bosworth Division of Leicester, bearing 6,629 signatures.

Mr. Peto (46 petitions) from the Eastern Division of Wiltshire, bearing 5,288 signatures.

Mr. Pollock (14 petitions) from various parishes in the boroughs of Warwick and Leamington and adjoining parishes, bearing 1,504 signatures.

Mr. Malcolm (20 petitions) from the Borough of Croydon, bearing 6,822 signatures.