HC Deb 06 May 1912 vol 38 cc37-8

asked, with regard to the case of Alfred Shaw, whether it is a fact that he got wet and chilled during gun-laying tests at Long-sands, and within two or three days developed paralysis of the central organs of the body; whether he has, in consequence, after four months' treatment in hospital, been discharged as incurable; whether he is now entirely dependent, with seven or eight other children, on his father for support; and whether he thinks that some provision should be made by the rules of the Service for servants of the State paralysed in the service of the State?


Shaw was invalided, after four years 254 days pensionable time, for "spinal myelitis." The medical reports show that this disease was not due to any cause connected with his service in the Navy. The temporary pension which was granted to him on his discharge represents the maximum award authorised by the Regulations in his case, and cannot be increased.


Will the right hon. Gentleman let me see a copy of the medical report?


Yes, I will show the hon. Gentleman a copy of the report.