HC Deb 27 March 1912 vol 36 cc442-3

asked to what extent the advance in the musketry of the Territorial Force, which has earned the appreciation of the Army Council, is attributable to the facts that coaching is now permitted during the firing of the standard test, and that the rapid firing (practice in standard test) is now carried out at a second-class figure target at 200 yards instead of at a first-class figure target at 500 yards, as in previous years?

Colonel SEELY

The amendments in the Regulations, for the standard test mentioned were only introduced about five months after the commencement of the musketry year 1910–11. It is, therefore, impracticable to estimate how far the improvement of the musketry is due to these changes, but undoubtedly coaching at the firing point would tend to improve the shooting.


Could not the right hon. Gentleman still further increase the efficiency in musketry of the Territorial Force by again decreasing the range and increasing the size of the target.