HC Deb 26 March 1912 vol 36 cc195-6

It would be impossible to make a satisfactory comparison between the arma- ments of these Dominions and those of the Territorial Force within the limits of a Parliamentary question.


asked the number of days' training in camp that is undergone annually by the Volunteer Forces of the Colonies of Canada, Australia, and South Africa?


On a point of Order, I wish to point out that the "Colonies" of Canada, Australia, and South Africa do not exist. The point is not merely a verbal one, as it really involves the status of these countries, and, whereas a private Member by inadvertence or ignorance or want of courtesy might make the mistake, yet if a Minister of the Crown were to give it his imprimatur it would be considered extremely objectionable in Australia, derogatory to its dignity, and conveying a false impression.


It appears to me to be a case of what is termed "terminological inexactitude."

Colonel SEELY

I think the answer I propose to give will meet the hon. Member's point. I presume my hon. Friend refers to the local defence forces of these Dominions.

(a) Canada.

The number of days' training in camp undergone annually by units of the Active Militia is as follows:—

Cavalry 16 days.
Army Service Corps
Engineers, Rural Infantry Corps and Departments 12 days.
City Infantry Corps 6 days.

(b) Australia.

The Militia, with voluntary enlistment, underwent from four to eight days' continuous training in camp. The Militia is now being expanded into the new Citizen Force, with compulsory enlistment. Recruits of the Citizen Force will undergo eight days' continuous training in camp, whilst trained men will do six days.

(c) South Africa.

The Natal Militia do ten days, whilst the Cape of Good Hope and Transvaal Volunteers undergo from three to six days' annual training in camp. When the South African Defence Bill of 1912 is passed, members of the proposed Active Citizen Force will do eight to fifteen days' compulsory training in camp, varying with the arm to which they belong.