HC Deb 13 March 1912 vol 35 c1077

asked what percentage of the completed battleships, armoured and battle cruisers, smaller cruisers, and destroyers in the British and German Navies, respectively, were launched subsequent to the year 1904?


The respective numbers of completed ships in the British and German Navies that were launched subsequent to 1904 are as follows:—

  • Battleships—Great Britain, 16; Germany, 11.
  • Armoured and battle cruisers—Great Britain, 11; Germany 5.
  • Protected cruisers—Great Britain, 8; Germany, 12.
  • Unarmoured cruisers—Great Britain, 5; Germany, nil.
  • Destroyers—Great Britain, 68; Germany, 71.
A comparison based on the percentages asked for is apt to be misleading; but I will circulate the figures with the Votes.—[See Written Answers this date.]


Is it the fact, in regard to destroyers, that the percentage of increases on the part of Germany is nearly double ours?


It is certainly much greater, but, of course, there is a certain number of our programme which will be completed in the near future, and with those which are going to be taken in hand at once the percentages will be greatly altered.