HC Deb 13 March 1912 vol 35 cc1090-1

asked (1) whether nurses employed by the Poor Law authorities are or are not exempted from the National Insurance Act; and (2) whether civilian foremen and labourers employed in the Army Ordnance depots are or are not exempted from the National Insurance Act?


The question whether any of these categories of persons can be excepted in respect of health insurance under Part II. of the First Schedule of the Act will depend upon whether the terms of their employment are such as to secure provision in respect of sickness and disablement, on the whole not less favourable than corresponding benefits conferred by Part I. of the Act. The Commissioners cannot give any certificate to this effect until they have been satisfied by an investigation of the facts relating to the particular category, that the conditions menioned in the schedule exist.


Will that be determined by the Treasury or the Commissioners?


I think it is determined by the Commissioners, and investigations are proceeding.