HC Deb 07 March 1912 vol 35 c555

May I ask the President of the Board of Agriculture whether he is aware of the very reasonable reluctance, and in some cases the refusal, of railway companies to pull horse boxes during the continuance of the coal strike, and if he can make arrangements with the companies to bring to and from the Hunters Improvement Society's Show, the horses from which the premium stallions will be selected next week, any interference with which would detrimentally affect the coming horse breeding season?


Directly I heard that there was some chance of an interference with traffic, I put myself in communication with the various railway companies, and I have received the following telegraphic replies:—

The Great Northern Company say:— "Are in a position to accept horses booked to London for show, and can make arrangements for return journey."

The London and South Western Company say:—"Notwithstanding our coal difficulties, we shall make best possible arrangements to convey horses to and from show next week by ordinary trains."

The London, Brighton, and South Coast Company say:—"Failing close of strike, services will be further curtailed next week. If you will let me know stations from which horses will be sent, will see whether anything can be done to meet your wishes."

When other replies come in I will communicate them to the Press.