HC Deb 06 March 1912 vol 35 cc354-5

Order [23rd February] for a return relative thereto read, and discharged; and, instead thereof:—

Return ordered, "showing for each year from 1887–1910, inclusive, England and Wales:—

2. Deaths of Infants under one year of age per million births from each of the following causes:—
Year. Deaths of Infants under One Year per Million Births.
Syphilis. Scrofula.* Tuberculous Peritonitis and Tabes Mesenterica. Skin Diseases.† Erysipelas. Pyæmia and Phlegmon.‡ Bronchitis. Diarrhœa.§ Atrophy and Debility (including Premature Birth). Total Nine Causes. Total all Causes.
1887 to 1910.
* With scrofula are including all tuberculous diseases other than pulmonary tuberculosis phthisis (not otherwise defined), tuberculous meningitis, tuberculous peritonitis, tabes mesenterica, and lupus.
† Including lupus, but excluding carbuncle, which is now classed with phlegmon.
‡ Including septicæmia, pyæmia, phlegmon, and carbuncle.
§ Including dysentery."
[Mr. Ramsay Macdonald.]