HC Deb 04 March 1912 vol 35 c23

asked whether, in view of the fact that masters and men engaged in the English coal trade are with one exception agreed upon the principle of the minimum wage, the Government will insist that this agreement should come into operation at once in England; and, seeing that the national interests are in jeopardy, whether the Government will appoint a small Commission, armed with drastic powers, to settle the differences in South Wales, Scotland, and Northumberland as purely sectional matters?


asked if the Government still adhere to the second proposal made by them to the owners and men in the coal conferences in its entirety, as communicated to the House on Wednesday, the 27th ultimo, in so far as it provides that if a minimum wage be conceded adequate safeguards shall be provided to protect the employers against abuse, and if such will be embodied in any Government legislation to be introduced?


I propose, after questions, as hon. Members are now aware, to make a general statement as to the attitude of the Government.