HC Deb 18 June 1912 vol 39 cc1479-80

asked the President of the Board of Agriculture whether he realises that the conditions attached to the proposed Grants to county education authorities out of the Development Fund for farm institutes, under which at least 25 per cent. of the capital cost and at least 50 per cent. of the cost of maintenance of such institutes must be provided by the ratepayers of the county without reducing by a single penny the present expenditure out of the rates upon agricultural education, is likely to operate harshly in the educationally more progressive counties, or counties with a low rateable value like Wiltshire, where a large amount of public money is already being expended upon agricultural education of a different type; and whether he can see his way to revise the above conditions accordingly?


I hope shortly to have an opportunity of discussing with the authorities concerned the various questions arising in connection with the application of the Grant referred to. I shall be better able to consider the desirability of making further representations to the Development Commission and the Treasury after these discussions have taken place.


Do I understand that the right hon. Gentleman is not going to proceed necessarily with the insistence upon these proportions until the local authorities have conferred with him on the matter?


I am not proposing to make any further Report to the Development Commission on this subject until I have consulted fully the authorities concerned.