HC Deb 31 July 1912 vol 41 c2050

asked whether the right hon. Gentleman's attention has been drawn to the fact that, owing to the National Insurance scheme being nationalised for Scotland and England, certain Scottish societies refuse to admit, under the National Insurance Act, Scottish servants of Scottish employers temporarily resident in England, and in some cases have taken steps equivalent to removing old members; what steps the Insurance Commissioners intend to take regarding such societies; and what course should a servant who is to be married in England in six weeks and who is a member of a friendly society in Scotland, and who is refused permission to join the National Insurance side of that society, to take to ensure that she will not be deprived of the future benefits of the Act?


The Scottish Insurance Commissioners have received no information of the nature referred to, but I shall be happy to have inquiries made into any case which is brought to my notice. A Scotch servant who proposes to marry and settle in England would in the circumstances stated be well advised to join a society approved by the Joint Committee and authorised to transact business under the Act in both England and Scotland. She would, of course, retain a right to share in any increased benefits provided by her first society under a scheme under Section 72 of the Act.