HC Deb 31 July 1912 vol 41 cc2042-3

asked what was the value of real property in England and Wales assessed to pay Income Tax in the year 1911, and the amount of personal property assessed in the same area and for the same purpose; and how much of the assessment on real property was derived from agricultural land and how much from house property?


The gross annual value of the property in England and Wales assessed under Schedule A—the Schedule under which real property generally is assessed—was £233,906,688 for the year 1910–11. There was, in addition, a considerable amount of income from real property included in the assessments of industrial concerns, such as railways, mines, etc., but there is no means of separating out this. With regard to personal property, the assessments on income derived there-from cannot, in general, be distinguished from those in respect of trades, professions, or employments. I have not sufficient information to be able to distinguish between the assessments relating to agricultural land and house property, but I may say that the gross income reviewed under Schedule A for the year 1910–11 from "Lands" (including tithe-rent charges, farmhouses, farm buildings, etc.) was £36,843,606, while the gross income from "Houses" (including business premises, factories, etc.) was £196,195,736.


Arising out of that reply, as these figures are seriously misleading to the general public, would it not be possible in future to distinguish between the income derived from agricultural land and other kinds of real property?


I am not sure. These figures have existed for a good many years.