HC Deb 25 July 1912 vol 41 cc1342-3

asked the Secretary for the Colonies if Sir John Rose Bradford, who has been appointed chief medical adviser to the Colonial Office, is the Dr. Rose Bradford whose vivisectional experiments on the kidneys, ureters, and ears of dogs were severely criticised by certain witnesses before the late Royal Commission on Vivisection; and if Mr. C. W. Daniels, M.B., who has been appointed assistant medical adviser, is also a licensed vivisector, holding certificates A and B under the Act 39 and 40 Vic, c. 77?


In their evidence before the Royal Commission on vivisection certain witnesses stated that experiments of the nature indicated in the question had been performed by Sir J. Rose (then Dr.) Bradford. Sir J. Rose Bradford dealt with the remarks of these witnesses in his own evidence, and the Commission made no reference to the matter in their Report. Dr. Daniels holds two certificates A, and one certificate E.