HC Deb 23 July 1912 vol 41 cc984-5

asked whether it is intended to call upon established Civil servants who are candidates for positions under the National Health Insurance Commissioners (Wales) to undergo the test of a written examination, notwithstanding that Form 64 issued to such candidates by the Commissioners distinctly states that officials transferred from other public departments will be exempt from such examination; and whether all Civil servants appointed by the English Commissioners have been transferred without a written test?


The answer is in the affirmative. The Welsh Insurance Commission do not propose to fill any of the appointments upon their outdoor staff by direct transfer of Civil servants from other Departments. Applications from Civil servants are being considered by them along with those of other candidates, and the final selections as between qualified candidates for positions on the Chief Inspector's staff will be made by competitive examination in the manner recommended in the Report of the Interdepartmental Committee. The English Commission are filling a certain number of the corresponding appointments upon their staff by direct transfer from other public departments. Where the latter procedure is adopted the necessity for further examination exists only in the cases referred to in my reply to a question by the hon. Member for North Monaghan on the 16th instant.