HC Deb 16 July 1912 vol 41 c216

asked whether, in the event of an employer stamping an emergency card in default of the ordinary card and giving it to an employé, and in the further event of his employé destroying this card, the employer is called upon to produce and stamp a fresh card on every subsequent occasion on which he pays wages to that employé?


If an employed person persistently refused to produce his card to his employer, there would clearly be no reasonable cause for his failure to produce his card, and a breach of the regulations would be committed by him. The statutory duty of the employer to pay the contribution on each occasion would not be affected by such refusal, and it would be necessary for him in the circumstances assumed to obtain and stamp emergency cards. I may state that employers can now obtain, not only emergency cards, but ordinary Insurance cards for their employés lasting not one week only, but the whole quarter.