HC Deb 16 July 1912 vol 41 cc191-2
7. Sir J. D. REES

asked the Undersecretary of State for India whether he can give the House any information regarding the action taken to restrict the consumption of cocaine and morphia and their respective congeners in India; and whether the Powers concerned have accepted the recommendations of The Hague Convention in this behalf?


With a view to control the use of morphia and cocaine in India, their importation by post is altogether prohibited, and their importation by other means is severely restricted, and is limited to persons holding permits issued by prescribed authorities. The manufacture of morphia from licit opium by private persons is prohibited, and the amount of morphia which a private person may possess is limited. Transport from place to place is carefully regulated, as is also sale, both wholesale and retail. As regards cocaine its sale is restricted to chemists and druggists holding licences, and sale by them to private persons must be for bonà fide medicinal purposes and on the prescription of a qualified medical practitioner. The Hague Convention has not yet been ratified by the Powers.

Sir J. D. REES

Are these measures effective?


I think so.

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